Have chair, will travel.

Porscha, Port Soderick
Rob Smith

The ‘Old Leather Chair’ project has been busy this week, I’ve shot another 14 people, which now brings the total to 22. My idea of stopping at 50 now appears unlikely, the whole thing has grown legs, if you’ll excuse the pun…is that a pun? Probably not, but some chairs do have legs. I don’t think mine does though.

I’ve learned a few things this week, things that after shooting film for years now, I should know – ALWAYS use a tripod, the picture quality improves vastly when using your 3-legged friend. ALWAYS use a handheld light meter and trust it. ALWAYS get your friends to come out and play when you’re shooting with heavy props, they can carry stuff while you prance around being arty.

I’m shooting the whole project using a Mamiya 7II camera, 80mm lens and Fuji Pro 400H film. I’m now also using my Sekonic light meter properly…

Simon, Barrule.


Juan McGuinness, Peel

If you do feel the urge to use any of the images on my site, for ANY purpose, without my permission, please think again. It’s stealing.


  1. Great idea for a series of images – there’s an English comedian who travelled around Ireland with a fridge a while back (after losing a bet), and it’s amazing the characters you can meet doing something so out of the ordinary! 🙂


  2. Such a brilliant idea for a project. The style of chair is perfect too. However I am wondering about the people. Are they people you know or strangers? What is your selection criteria for picking them? Do you plonk the chair down somewhere and then wait to see who shows interest? Or do you pick someone and then choose scenery that is reflective of that person’s life or character or nature?


  3. I love this idea and i cant wait to see more of what this project will become. I only wish i could be part of it. 😦


  4. great idea for a compelling series. i have learned, as well, never leave home without my tripod. i am the shakiest mofo out there, but it took me a long time to learn this. sort of hurt to invest the money in something so unsexy as a 3 legged pod, but after seeing the difference in my work, it had to make me laugh a bit.

    cheers, good to meet you Phil,



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