The Yellowknife Diaries (part 3)

Graffiti, Yellowknife (Mamiya 7II, 80mm, Kodak Ektar 100 film)

I don’t enjoy flying, I’m a big man and I get uncomfortable, even on short flights. I also get bored. So, there’s nothing I like more, after a long flight, than to get to my destination and have a few refreshing beers to help me relax…

Sunday 9th September ’12 Arrive in Yellowknife.

We land in Yellowknife at about 2pm. As soon as we get off the plane I need a pee, Trevor says I’m like a child and tells me he’ll get the bags while I empty my bladder. On the way out of the airport I stop at a vending machine to get a drink, I select the first thing that catches my eye, maybe because it has the word ‘beer’ in it’. I take one sip and declare root beer to be the most disgusting thing I’ve tasted, Trevor agrees. The root beer goes in the bin.

A taxi takes us into town, the driver says not one word, despite my best efforts to engage him in conversation. When we arrive at the B&B there doesn’t appear to be anyone home, but eventually the landlady, Faith Embleton, comes to the door and lets us in. Faith takes us to our room and gives us an introduction, which is basically a list of rules – no shoes in the house, always use the extractor fan when cooking and no visitors, which I presume means ‘no prostitutes’. We unpack our stuff and go upstairs to find-out where the nearest drinking establishment is. Faiths answer is, to say the very least, horrifying – “Well, there’s plenty of bars in town, all within walking distance, and there’s the bowling ally just two minutes walk from here…but there’s nowhere open today, it’s Sunday”….Sweet Gentle Jesus, you can’t buy booze in Yellowknife on a Sunday! I could cry. Faith tells us that you can get booze if you’re having a meal, but the cost of your booze can’t be more than the cost of your meal. I think I’m going to have to eat a huge amount of pizza.

We walk the 5 minutes into town, the light here is amazing. On the way to The Boston Pizza Restaurant we see at least 3 people staggering down the road, drunk. The alcoholics in Yellowknife are obviously very good at forward planning. Over dinner we agree that tomorrow we’ll find a supermarket and stock-up on food. I’ll be finding a liquor store and stocking-up on beer, ready for next Sunday”

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  1. Great post!! I love the first photo and the scale if your shadow compared to the rocky terrain. I also very much enjoyed your writing and the stories behind your photographs. Root beer tastes disgusting to me too lol 🙂


  2. I look forward to your posts so much! Your writing style and photography match each other perfectly, and both are superb. Keep it up!


  3. Thanks for sharing mate! I also like the top image with the shadow, something that I have tried to do myself but always failed for some reason..
    You featured on my last blog post by the way!


  4. What?! Root beer is like mother’s milk in North America! Why, here in the U.S. we have an entire chain of fast food restaurants dedicated to its propagation! ;D

    I like the second image; the yellow trees do the trick. Also: sweet ride.


  5. Phil when you arrived at my house you were not listening. No visitors were after 11 PM not for ladies of the night but for those who go to the bar and think they can bring their friends home to party. After all its called respect of my self and others who were also sharing the same apartment as you. Like every community yes there are ladies of the night but that is a personal choice. and quite honestly what morals others have are there own business. My only concern is the comfort of other guest… you should not read into things. As for removing shoes at the door it is a northern custom for most. Its a desert plain here ND in summer fine sand comes in on your feet and ends up on everything. Makes for a lot of work. In winter its the opposite ice and snow on your feet. makes for mess and a good thump on your butt if your not careful or a free ride down the stairs. So its not only to keep things clean but to keep you safe. So my friend how are you? I hope fine and well. Your a great story teller! Check out my pictures at

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