That was 2017

Another year, nearly over, so while I’m sat here nursing a hangover, I’ll post my yearly review. As usual, these are a selection of my personal favourites. I’ve unquestionably shot a lot less this year, but that’s been a deliberate attempt at quality over quantity. For the first time, all the photographs in my final lineup were shot on film.
I never make New Year resolutions; whenever I notice my stomach expanding, I find it easier to do do something about it at the time rather than waiting until next year. I think intentions are more manageable than resolutions.
For most of 2018, I intend to concentrate on ‘Holmtown’, my ongoing project to document the fishing industry around the Isle of Man. I also intend to get back into the swimming pool at least three times a week…

Thank you, everyone, for the continuing support. And happy new year, peeps.


  1. Your portraits seem to see right into the person. I especially love the one of the twin girls who seem a little puzzled but compliant. I’m glad you’re going to concentrate on the fishing industry series – so far you have some really evocative images.

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  2. This would be an exceptional lifetime portfolio, it is therefore made even more impressive that it’s just 12 months work. I’m excited about the fishing boat project, I genuinely believe it will become as important as the body of work produced by Chris Killip.


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