That was 2018…

At the end of last year, one of my goals was to be less erratic and casual with the things I chose to photograph, to avoid flitting from one subject to another with no real consistency. I think, to a point, that I managed it – quality over quantity.
The career highlights of 2018 were my white squatter camp project, ‘Plakkerskamp’, and a two-week autumn trip out into the North Atlantic on a fishing trawler – both projects took me way out of my comfort zone, physically and emotionally.
For 2019, I’ll be aiming for more of the same, I have another couple of North Atlantic trips planned, and sometime in late spring, I’ll be heading up to Spitzbergen to document the work of a Norwegian whaling vessel, which has already stirred-up an inordinate amount of controversy. 2019 will also, hopefully, see some of my fishing boat images published in the form or a book or Zine (this depends on interest and funding…)

All the images here are my particular favourites, for no particular reason. Thank you, everyone, for stopping by over the last year to share in my visual and literal meanderings.


  1. Your empathy and compassion for your fellows is obvious from these images. You’ve captured their true and real souls.
    Happy New Years, Phil. I look forward to seeing more again in 2019

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  2. Absolutely stunning series, Phil 🙂

    Very intense portraits…

    The under water images are of a different class altogether…

    Thank you so much for sharing and hope to see many more great work from you in the year ahead…

    Have a happy and peaceful new year 🙂

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  3. I stubbled on your work while looking at the work of Corey Arnold (who I know a lot of people are comparing you with).
    I think your trawler images are going to be an international success and a body of work of substancial relevance.


  4. I’ve had a Pentax film camera sat in a cupboard for nearly a year now; are you doing any workshops? Or lunch and drinks on me if you’ll just show me the basics 😊


  5. Phil, the work is just wonderful!! Your 2018 images are spellbinding! The trawler group cry of the realities of life at sea, the underwater shots the work of sirens calling seafarers to their peril. Remarkable x


  6. Hey Phil, you probably won’t remember me! I was on the NUJ photojournalism training course with you at Leeds. I was the 20 year-old who thought she’d go off and be an internationally renowned war photographer but I could even approach strangers in the street to photograph!
    I’m a teacher now, which in Glasgow is just as dangerous… you seem to have made it though. Good for you. I adore your work. I actually found you whilst looking for photos of fishing boats and I recognized a photograph you’d done for the Times years ago.


  7. Your fishing project is wonderful, you’ve captured something in a way most people have never seen. And your portraits, well, I’m sure there are no superlatives left to describe them – so honest and full of empathy. I can’t stop scrolling up and down these images – there isn’t a single one I don’t love.

    All the best in 2019, Phil 😘


  8. All incredible work, but I particularly like the underwater shots. Did you use a pool or is it the sea? The last nude mono shot is iconic.
    Your work is honest and brave, empathetic and engaging.

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  9. I’m so glad I found you and your amazing work, Phil. This fishing industry project is some of your finest work to date.


  10. I really enjoy your fishing photos Phil. And your portraits are always so candid. I particularly love stripey t-shirt man looking out the window and ready, steady, go kid. Never stop doing what you do. You’re incredibly talented. Wishing you the very best for 2019!


  11. There’s something about your portrait work that’s almost intangible… a compelling honesty and sense of something untold. Amazing.


  12. Great job on the fishing series, Phil. Working on a norwegian subsea vessel myself for years out of Scrabster, Kirkwall and sometimes Lerwick, I know the area you were fishing in quite well. I still work on the same vessel, but have moved to off-shore Brazil and Rio de Janeiro these days. Boring seas over here!
    So you’re planning to join one of the whalers up north this year… Well, if tapping a seal pup on the head managed to cause some flippin’ noise this might be a tad worse… but I’m crossing fingers for you! I know a couple of guys working on one of the vessels in that trade. Great fishermen and a bunch of good guys!


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