After weeks of self-congratulating and mass back-slapping at the fact we’d been COVID free for so long, the Isle of Man is now riddled, worse in reality than it was a year ago. So, we’re now in lockdown again until April 6th, at the earliest.
Lockdown number 1, 12-months ago, was very productive for me: I made a book. Lockdown 2, or the first ‘circuit breaker’, not so fruitful; I just sat on the sofa, drinking beer for a few weeks, mostly. LD/CB 3 has me drinking a lot less beer; I’m cycling, walking, and most importantly, I’m taking photos. I’m also wondering if anyone found Mary?


  1. Great to see you exploring the area of your living again. The back of this old man is looking very preoccupied and sad – possible that exactly he is looking for Mary?
    My business was at the same level with some jumps all the 3 LD and the half-lockdowns between the big ones.
    Actually, I can’t say where the borders of the big lockdowns because almost everything was closed also when they opened the country. The big problem is only coming to us. The authorities are trying to push all of us to the vaccination and now they open places for the only vaccinated people. The real DEMOCRACY in action. F*ck em alll. sorry.
    I love your book.

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