78.74 Inches

The year twenty-twenty-one – it has quite the futuristic ring to it. When I was a kid, growing up in the 70’s and 80’s of the last century, the year 2000 was ‘The Future’. 2021 was unimaginable to me. Now, I do imagine going back in time to my 10-year-old self; how would I attempt to describe what the world has become, 40-years on? Where would I start?

“Okay, Phillip – electric cars which drive themselves, cameras that don’t need film, music that you downlo…hold-on, that’s to do with something called ‘The Internet’, I’ll explain that later. Telephones the size of a packet of football cards, with video cameras and TV’s and you can watch movies whilst walking down the street. And you won’t need to hide nudie-mags under your bed…No! Honestly!…well it’s all to do with this internet thing. Just wait and see. Oh, one other thing, after the age of about forty, you’ll be prone to weight gain.”

So, here we are in that future, and just like putting on weight, it crept up on us, unnoticed. I wonder what primary school Phil would make of our current ‘situation’?


  1. Ten year old Rob wouldn’t appreciate anyone taking away his bike and locking him in his room, in fear of getting a cold. As ignorant as he may have been, he would have run the risk, lived his life and peddled like a demon with the biggest smile on his face.

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