Better late…

Two-days into September, and it’s as though nothing ever happened, at least that’s how it feels on the Isle of Man. Okay, unless you’re lucky enough to be able to afford to leave the island for a trip away, then self-isolate when you get back, we still have our wings clipped. But we’ve been COVID free for over 100-days now. I’d love to be able to get on the ferry, cross the Irish Sea, drive up to the far north of Scotland and join a fishing boat for a couple of weeks, but it’s financially impractical. So, like most Islanders, I’m stranded, for now.

On are more positive note, my book, ‘FO GHLASS’, has finally made its way to me from the publishers…albeit 3-weeks late. For anyone reading this who has ordered a copy, all I can do is apologise for the delay. I have started distributing orders and will continue over the next few days. If you desperately need a copy as a gift for someone, etc, please contact me via social media or at and I’ll get it to you as fast as I can. 

I’ve learned a lot from this first attempt at book publishing – in future, I’ll still use a publisher/agent, but instead of pre-orders, I’ll print a limited amount of books up front so they will be ready for immediate dispatch. I honestly hadn’t realised how many orders I’d get, I thought I’d be dealing with 40, maybe 50 orders from friends and family, not 500+ copies all over the planet.

And another bit of good news – Martyn Cain, from the Isle of Man Arts Council, has asked me to have a FO GHLASS exhibition on the Island for a 6-week period. I just hope the available dates are later rather than sooner… 


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