Back to life

It’s difficult to write about the events of the last few months without acknowledging the personal, emotional and financial suffering that a lot of people have gone through. And I do acknowledge it. I’ve been lucky, I’ve managed to keep on working throughout, and the first half of 2020 has actually been very positive for me – I’ve put a photo book together, found a style of shooting which I love, and after 3-years of promising, dismantled and removed the shed from the garden. 

Here on the Isle of Man, life has all but returned to normal – social distancing has been lifted, bars, clubs, shops and restaurants have all reopened and everyone’s gone back to work. This return to normality is due, almost entirely, to the fact that our government locked the island down in the very early stages of the pandemic  – nobody in and if you want to leave, you stay out. That lockdown of borders means that the Isle of Man is now completely free from COVID19. The borders will remain closed for the foreseeable future. 


  1. Inspirational all across the blog! Your writing is short and sweet, to the point, which is refreshing and easy to digest. You make me want to visit the Isle of Man and meet it’s people.


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