The Same Boat

I keep hearing people say, “We’re all in the same boat”, but we aren’t, we’re all in different boats, caught in the same hurricane. There are skippers who’ve sealed the watertight hatches and are riding it out, ships that are sinking, yachts that have sunk, and there are captains pulling drowning sailors onto their floating gin palaces and invoicing them for the rescue expenses. At the moment, I’m on a large ferry – I’m comfortable, and I’m still able to go out on deck and photograph all the other vessels, but I have no idea how long I’ll be a passenger.


  1. I have no idea what category of photography this is? Art photography? Photojournalism? Street? Social document? Vernacular? There is such an eclectic mix. I just know I love your work…and your words.


  2. Thank you, Phil! The images and the words are stunning! Di and I need to get to the Isle for a visit after all of this is over … we shall see if we have any money or employment. Love from the South Slave.


  3. absolutely great series and the feeling of the emptiness.
    well when I saw the name of this post when the mail about just arrived in my mailbox, I wanted to write that our boats are not the same. But already read your words and only can say that I’m agree – everyone is in his small boat additionally. I see people who don’t go out even they have permission. I see the people who go to everyday run without any permission to go far than 100 meters (now is 500) from their living places. Panics can help. My co-worker just died from the heart attack in the first week of the Covid. He was only 32y old.


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