Mizpah LK173

Mizpah – Its first usage (Gen 31.49-50) refers to it as a pillar of stones set up by Jacob and Laban. The pillar of stones acted as a witness to the bond between the two men.

These are the first of many images I made in the last couple of weeks aboard the fishing trawler, Mizpah LK173, based out of Lerwick in Shetland. I’ve had to come home for a few days; however, I’ll be heading north again very soon.
My statement, ‘I’ve never met a fisherman I didn’t like’, stands true – David (the skipper), Ross, Bobby, Sergei and Roman granted me the usual kindness, generosity and patience that I’ve become used to since starting this project, 5-years ago. I’ll never be part of the crew, but on Mizpah, it was nice to feel like I was.
Over the years, shooting on film has become unmanageable and expensive. Loading film, putting the camera into a waterproof housing, going out on-deck and only having 36 shots to work with. Then having to go back inside, dry the housing, change film and repeat the process…it’s all just a pain in the ass. And there’s the expense – for an average trip, the cost can be around £500 in film and developing, alone. And let’s be honest – how many people actually notice the difference?


  1. Great work, as always, Phil! Your long-term dedication to this project is inspirational. Your artistry in representing these people, and taking us inside a place and profession that most of us know nothing about is a gift to all of us. (Good point too about shooting film/digital. Shoot film when/where/how it makes the most sense — where the benefits outweigh the hassles — otherwise we’re just shooting film for the sake of shooting film.)

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