Mal de Mer

At 3.45am, from Peel breakwater, I could hear the wind, and through the faint sodium street lights, I noticed sizable waves collapsing onto the beach. The human psyche is a strange and mysterious thing because I already felt sick; I was still sitting in my car. I washed two sea sickness tablets down with half a can of Red Bull, checked the BBC weather forecast on my iPhone one last time, and headed down to the Genisis.
I’d packed the makings of bacon butties; fresh baps and two packs of thick, smoked bacon – I didn’t go anywhere near it all day. The only food to pass my lips over 10-hours was a buttered roll and a chocolate bar (my theory is that if you know you’re going to be sick, you should eat something that tastes as good coming up as it does going down. It works). Good old mal de mer had me debilitated for most of the day, either lying prone in the corner of the galley or bent over the side of the boat like a pissed-up Humpty Dumpty.


  1. Oh! Sorry to hear that. I just wanted to say that you should use the below lines if you ever consider publishing a book on your journeys : “My theory is that if you know you’re going to be sick, you should eat something that tastes as good coming up as it does going down. It works.” Your images doesn’t seem to care about your ilness, by the way; they remain as strong as ever.

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      1. yes both are great, small, fast and no need any decisions about additional lens to take.with me. To my last trip out of contry i took the only tho Ricoh and was very economical in terms of baggage and doubts about lenses. The only decision was what film to take with me. It took some time for me to get used to look through display and not viewfinder but now its ok and at low light conditions i use manual focus and the results are crazy sharp. of course water is not the best friend of both cameras, so i dont know how practical its to.take them to boat. but in terms of speed and distance to the subjects – i.always one meter closer cos i shoot with outstretched arm. well i love these pocket monsters 😉


      2. i went this way 50-35-28 an loved all of them and now stuck with more environment in my images that 28 bring to the frames. exactly what i loved in this your series (actually like in most your photograps) – the feeling of being somewhere close to scene of shooting. hope to see more from your adventure.


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