Six by Six

All the images here were made using a Bronica SQa and 50mm 3.5 lens. Film stock is Ilford HP5 400 pushed to 800. I made the mistake of putting 4 rolls of film through an untested camera, I got the negatives and realised that the rollers on the film back were jammed and dirty, which has scratched the emulsion quite badly. I’ve given the camera a good clean, so hopefully this has sorted the issue.


  1. Peter Jones

    I think you’ll find the marks are from the development stage, probably scratched while loading into the tank. If the rollers/back was to blame, the scratches would go all the way through the negative.
    As you become more experienced shooting film, you’ll learn to ‘feel’ if the camera isn’t working correctly.
    I think that your negatives are underexposed, but again, this will come with experience.

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    • Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback. The scratches are not caused in the development stage – the marks appear in exactly the same place on both colour and mono negatives. I doubt very much that a large professional lab uses the same single drum and reel to process hundreds of b&w and C41 films a day. The scratches are caused by a combination of loose film and jammed film rollers.
      I’m experienced enough to know when my equipment isn’t working correctly, thanks for the advice. The negatives are not under-exposed. Again, thanks for the advice, all be it incorrect 🙂


    • I only used the ‘blad with the standard 80mm – the quality is, obviously, incredible. However, I couldn’t get used to the WLF. The SQa has a prism finder and I’m using it with the 50mm, which I’m loving. I just to invest in a speed grip, I think.


  2. Reblogged this on U Be Cute and commented:
    I love portrait photography and find Black & White photography (when done well) to be especially hauntingly intriguing. These portraits are excellent. I especially love the portrait of the woman curled up in her bed looking outside. Enjoy!

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    • You think I degrade women to the status of a mere object? You are more than welcome to contact any of the women I’ve photographed over the years and get their opinions – I can guarantee none of them have ever felt objectified or degraded in any way, quite the opposite in fact.
      I have photographed plenty of naked men, by the way 😊


    • Polly-Anna

      Well I rarely see any positive comments about your photographs from women. You appear to use the images of women for your own gain? I don’t understand what women get from being photographed nude or semi-naked?


    • Hannalogue

      Polly-Anna I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve here? As a woman who has been photographed nude/semi nude by Phil many times, there is not a single time that I have felt ‘objectified’ whilst working with him? Also how are any of his photos exploitive?! Just because you ‘don’t understand’ doesn’t mean you should force your narrow minded opinions on others and try to degrade someone’s work and profession.


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