Digitalise Me

I do use digital cameras, on the odd occasion – these images were all made using iPhone 8+ and Nikon D610. All images were edited using VSCO desktop (which has now been discontinued, apparently)


  1. Frustrated from London

    This is what I’m talking about! How do you see images? I carry my iPhone everywhere but I never capture portraits like yours.
    I know it’s easy to say it’s experience, but it’s more than that. How did you learn? Who taught you? X


  2. I’ve said it to many people – there’s only two mistakes that people make when taking a photo – pointing the camera in the wrong direction and pressing the button at the wrong time.
    Carrying a camera everywhere doesn’t make you a photographer, it makes you a person who carries a camera everywhere.
    I taught myself photography and made a lot of mistakes on the way 😊

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    • No, I was never taught the technical side of photography, formally. I got a camera and made photos – you become a photographer by taking photos, you fail, learn, fail better, learn, get better. I’ve never attempted to emulate anyone, but I am inspired by other photographers (and artists, writers, animators).
      I think you’re looking for the quick fix, but I’m afraid there isn’t one.

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    • Hannalogue

      What camera have you got? When I was given a film camera I did a lot of reading up about its controls, whether it had a light meter or if I needed to get a handheld one, etc and read help cards about exposure, ISO etc from the internet and Pinterest 🙂 with iPhones it’s more about understanding light, adjusting the exposure to how you want it to look and having good editing software like VSCO to put a bit of life back into the image!


      • Frustrated from London

        I have a Pentax LX with 50mm 1.4 lens, which I know Phil has used in the past. But my images lack the depth and gravitas that Phil’s have.
        I think your probably the kind of photographer who thinks you need good gear to get good photos?


      • Hannalogue

        Erm, no, I’m not quite sure why you would assume that? I’m fortunate enough to use decent cameras, in fact the same ones that Phil uses too, but I think great images can be made with any camera. Do you have links to where you share your photos? That might help if you’re looking for constructive feedback?


      • Hannalogue

        Btw I was simply asking what camera you had to see if it was a compact or SLR, 35mm or medium format, etc, it had nothing to do with how ‘good’ your camera was, just people can give better advice if they know what you’re using 🙂


    • Hannalogue

      I was only elaborating on what Phil has said, I’m not sure you’ll get more out of him tbh, think he’s made it clear that you just have to keep trying and learning from your successes and mistakes. I mean, what do I know, I’m only his partner and all my advice has come from him really 😊


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