Images from a recent shoot for Veronika Mikan Nightwear.

All the photographs were made using the same camera, lens and film combination with natural daylight – Pentax 67, 105mm and Fuji Pro 400H film. 400H is a very versatile emulsion and various looks can be achieved by deliberately over or underexposing it. I rate the film at 250 ISO and work around that. Overexposure gives a very ‘clean’ fresh look, whereas underexposing creates a distinct magenta cast in the shadows. I think it’s fairly easy to see which is which.


  1. Scotty MacScott

    These photographs are simply incredible. They wouldn’t look out of place in Vogue or any other top fashion magazine. Seriously.


  2. Claire Sloan

    I love that whether you’re photographing migrants, squatters, friends or models – your portraits have an individual Phil Kneen look. Your subjects are always so utterly engaged… like there’s nobody else in the room except you and them.
    I’m really excited to hear that you’re heading back to Calais, your work there was fascinating. I’m proud to have you as a fellow Manxie 🙂


  3. Vera Jones

    Phil, I have loved your work for many years since when I was young. You photograph lady in the most beautiful way. If you ever come to Italy I will love for us to work together 🙂 x


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