The above. The below.

I’d describe my current style of aqua-imagery as ‘around the surface photography. I’m not a scuba diver, I tried it once, but I don’t think it was for me; in my opinion, any activity that results in almost certain death if/when something goes wrong is best avoided…although I’m not sure how much logic there is in my own theory because I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s rock-climbing, ice-climbing and high altitude mountaineering (and a lot did go wrong, none of which, to this day, have I ever told my mother)
The Nikonos underwater cameras I’m shooting with are good down to about 60 metres below the surface, but I’m never going to get close to that – the furthest I can free-dive is about 10 metres, I just can’t hold my breath for long enough to go any deeper. So, I’m limited to shooting on one axis – just above the surface or just below it.
All the images here were made using a Nikonos V and 35mm UW 2.5 lens. Film stock is Kodak Ultramax 400.


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