Boston 26

The white squatters camp at Krugersdorp has grown onto the side of a much larger, blacks only township. These images were taken in the ‘transition area’ between the two settlements. Despite being there to photograph the white residents, I did take a lot of photos of the neighbouring black kids too.

‘Friday 16th March – Driving back through Pretoria I see an immaculately dressed black woman crossing the road, her obviously expensive designer clothes compliment her flawless complexion. From a distance, it looks as though she has a hat on, but as we get closer, I realise that she has a well stuffed, brown and beige Louis Vuitton shoulder bag perfectly balanced on top of her head.’

All images made using a Pentax 67II with 105mm 2.4 lens. Film stock is Kodak Portra 160


  1. Thank you so much for stepping in at such short notice! Your talk, considering you were ‘winging it’, was fascinating. I don’t think anyone has silenced(apart from the laughter and blowing of noses) that room for two hours before! Sad, funny, inspiring, touching, emotive, honest, compelling, sensitive, honourable, empathetic…just a few of the superlatives I heard down in the bar.
    Well done, and thank you again.


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  2. All of your shots are so sharp – do you use a tripod? I was led to believe the Pentax 67 is unusable below 1/60th without using MLU?


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