The things i saw (south africa) #2

At the moment, I’m sorting through about 100 ‘final’ images, mostly portraits, whittled down from 400 photographs I made for the photo-essay ‘Plakkerskamp’. I’m itching to share more, but I can’t, at the moment. So here’s another entry from my visual notebook. I’ve also included an entry from my journal which I wrote on the evening of my first visit to the white squatters camp at Krugersdorp, situated about 20km northwest of Johannesburg.

‘Munsieville Camp, Krugersdorp – We sat outside the entrance to the camp for about 30 minutes, I told BJ, my fixer, that I was waiting for someone to call me, but I knew that whoever had called me on the drive from Pretoria wasn’t phoning back – I was stalling for time. Munsieville, even from a distance looks ominous, I was searching for an excuse not to go in. After three cigarettes, a can of Red Bull and a half-hour wait for a call that was never going to arrive, we drove into Munsieville…’

All images here were made using an Olympus MjuII and Kodak Ektar film.


  1. Cathy

    That one paragraph from your journal entry is one of the most honest and emotive pieces of writing I’ve ever read… it actually made my heart skip a beat. WOW!


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