Eight Plus

I remember when I transitioned from film to digital SLR’s – there had been a few DSLR’s on the market for a while, but I’d told myself that I wouldn’t buy into digital until a sensor came along that vaguely resembled film. Then the Canon 5D arrived, so I switched to digital. For years, I’ve had the same mindset with smartphones; when a usable smartphone camera comes along, I’ll use it. Enter the iPhone 8 Plus.
I’ve owned the iPhones 2,4 and 6, and briefly, a Nokia Windows thing that was the size of a television. After the hideous Windows experience, I went back to Apple and vowed never to stray from the orchard ever again.
I upgraded to the 8+ last week, and from the start, it’s apparent that what I have is a very ‘usable’ digital camera. I’m not going to do a full review; there are plenty of those elsewhere. All I can say, so far, that the sensor is excellent in low light and the ‘portrait’ mode, which mimics shallow depth of field, works a treat.
Here are a few images I’ve shot with the 8+ over the last week, mostly while working on my fishing trawler project (I plan to shoot a mini-project, on a fishing trawler, in the next week or so, using just the iPhone)


  1. Hailey New

    Beautiful images, regardless of the medium. Digital does have a more ‘even’ and ‘sterile’ look, it has to be said. I had been wondering whether to upgrade to the 8Plus – now I definitely will ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Too ironic that I signed up for your blog just a week ago, given your lovely work in film…Meh… I have an iphone8plus and yeah, they take nice pics and you do nice work with it… Still, they’re nothing compared to your film snaps, Phil…

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      • Haha! Love it… totally get it… and thanks for not throwing me off the bus! Just today am picking up my first roll of negatives from a Nikon F100 that I purchased a few weeks ago… I shoot A7R2s and a variety of lens but saw that beautiful creature at a counter when taking in an old Canon AE-1 for service that a friend gifted me… saw the F100 and just couldn’t help myself! Film!!


      • I had the Nikkor 50 1.4 D already (picked up this gem at an estate sale for $25USD ;)) so that’s my starting point. It appears to be working like a charm (it does on my Sony) but can’t truly say that until I see the first results. I borrowed a friend’s 85 1.4G for the second half of the first roll (Portra 160) but he lives in Houston and I live in Chicago so that arrangement won’t work! Anxious obviously to see the images.. Eyeing a 105 2.8 in a local shop and am researching a second lens… but need to calm myself and re-learn things… I had an old Minolta X570 in college and it’s been years. I take way too much for granted and am more fully realizing that with each click. Digital is so (too?) forgiving when it comes to dynamic range. Also, think I’ll try to pair my Minoltas Rokkors (50 1.4MD, 58 1.4 MC, 135 2.8 MC) with an adapter… obviously manual shooting… so will probably try that before investing further…

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