Medium Mono

I don’t shoot a lot of black and white film these days; I used to when I started out in photography, but that’s because it was cheaper. I believe to get the full effect of mono, you have to be willing to go the whole hog and develop and print your own work, and I simply don’t have the patience. I do, however, see the work of other photographers and it lures me back into shooting a few rolls of black and white – these images are from my latest rediscovering. All images were made using a Pentax 6×7, 105mm 2.4 lens and either Ilford HP5 or Delta 3200 (which I shot at 1600 and had developed normally)


  1. gcornellius

    Man, consider honoring your subjects and your work and your memories through you being involved in the whole process, from conception to shooting to developing and printing!

    There is nothing more special you can give them (a copy) as an artisan, and it is also a very rewarding process that brings much solace in this frantic life of us:-)

    I’m just starting to print after 2 years of shooting and developing and scanning b/w, so please take my ‘advice’ as what it is…

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  2. Amy C

    I love your black and white work! I’ve been shooting a lot of film recently, I’d really like to show you some of my photographs… do you have any workshops coming up? 😉


  3. B&W seems to smooth out imperfections and calm any lack of focus in a shot. But maybe that’s just because I’m not much cop as a photographer. These (with two obvious exceptions) are great because the subjects and the framing is great.


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