The Welsh Streets

When Richard told me that we were doing a photo-shoot in the Welsh Streets, I got a wave of nostalgic excitement; I haven’t been to Wales for years. In the space of thirty seconds I had the entire trip planned in my head – leave Liverpool early, stop at for breakfast at the greasy-spoon food trailer on the A55, just south of Chester, for a full English breakfast in a bap and a pint of tea and then be in Bangor for ten. I wasn’t sure which Welsh streets we’d be using, but I’d factored the Snowdonian town of Llanberis and a feed at Pete’s Eats Cafe into the equation; I could almost smell the fried egg and hummus on toast.
So, I’m sure you can understand my crushing disappointment when I realised that The Welsh Streets aren’t, in fact, in Wales and that there’d be no artery hardening road trip. The Welsh Streets are in Toxteth, Liverpool, about two minutes drive from Richards home…

For this trip to Liverpool, due to the limited hand-baggage allowance on the flight over from the Isle of Man, I shot with just two cameras – the Fuji GA645 medium format and Nikon F4 35mm with 50mm 1.4G and 28mm 1.8G lenses. Film is Kodak Portra 400 in the Fuji and Kodak Ultramax 400 in the Nikon.

Top to bottom-
Daisy Gill, Lark Lane.
They’re coming to get to Barbara, The Welsh Streets.
Filmmaker, Richard Plumley, Dingle.
Daisy Gill, The Welsh Streets.
They’re coming to get you Barbara, The Welsh Streets.
Daisy Gill, The Welsh Streets.
They’re coming to get you Barbara, The Welsh Streets.
Richard Plumley, Dingle.


  1. Tracy Matthews

    You’ve an incredible talent, Phil. You are obviously a people person; the way you engage your subject, regardless of age or gender is impressive, to say the least.


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