Maximum Exposure

A friend of mine bought a new sofa – it looks like leather, it feels like leather, and it even smells like leather – but it’s not. It’s plastic.

Internationally-renowned photojournalist, Sebastião Salgado, up until a few years ago, shot all of his work on film; he’d carry two all manual Leica cameras, a couple of lenses and bag full of Kodak black and white film. Whenever he got the chance, the Brazilian would have his film developed and printed. Then he went digital. Salgado now shoots all of his work using a digital SLR; he then uses a software package to give the digital files a look which emulates Kodak Tr-X film. Next, he makes prints from the digital files and then re-photographs them with a large format camera and makes traditional analogue prints in the darkroom from the negatives. Compare Sebastião Salgado’s early work to his latest – I know which I prefer…

I made these shots, of my partner Hannah, using Kodak Ultramax 400 film; if you go through the list of film emulations in VSCO Software, I think there’s an Ultramax setting, but it looks nothing like this. It’s not a film I’ve used before, but I think Ultramax 400 just went into my number one favourite. I used a Nikon F100 and a 28mm 1.8G lens. Developing and scanning by the very excellent Canadian Film Lab


  1. Rachel Audsley

    OMG! Beautiful! What a lucky girl Hannah is to have a photographer boyfriend…and what a lucky boy you are to have a Hannah! Great work, both of you. Oh, I love the writing too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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