A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my struggles with a recently purchased Hasselblad; I think a few people saw it as, “A bad workman blaming his tools”. It wasn’t; I was merely stating that I was finding the transition after years of shooting in a rectangular ratio to then seeing and shooting images as a square, demanding. The square thing isn’t new to me; I used and shot several successful projects and individual images a few years ago using a Hasselblad, but it’s not like riding a bike – you do forget, or at least I did.
The ‘blad can stay, for now; I’m doing some band promo shots in Liverpool this week, so I’ll use it for that and see how it goes (the square format is perfect for album covers…). I’ve just got a Fuji GA645 too (a weird, quirky little point and shoot medium format camera), so I’m going to use that too and compare. Expect a full review on the GA645 soon.

All the images here were made with the 501cm. Film is Kodak Portra 400 and 800 and Ilford Delta 3200 for mono. Developing and scanning was done at Canadian Film Lab.

pk170217007417-11 pk170217007416-07 pk170217007417-04pk170217bw242891-03-edit pk170217bw242891-09


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