Just make it up.


My two primary fields as a photographer are portraiture and photojournalism; a lot of my images are straight, natural, environmental portraits, such as those I shot in the migrant camps of northern France and for my project last year in Spain. Other times I get an idea into my head as to how I’d like someone to look or a situation I’d like a person to inhabit. However, that person or place may not be available, or even exist.
For the last three years, I’ve collaborated with my good friend, and makeup artist extraordinaire, Kimberley Berridge, in what we refer to as ‘Stylised Portraits’. Sometimes the ideas are mine, other times they are Kimberley’s, but mostly they appear from somewhere, halfway through a bottle of gin. In the case of Tony (USA flag, basement transvestite), the idea came at the end of a regular portrait shoot. We’d organised the session at the last-minute, on New Year’s Eve, after a local band cancelled a promo shoot due to ‘political reasons’ surrounding the Stars and Stripes flag; we’d had an idea to shoot a man wearing rough makeup, so decided to try it on Tony.

All of the images here were shot on analogue, using various cameras, all loaded with Fuji Superia 400 35mm film.

r1-04426-0018 r1-04424-015a r1-04426-0021 r1-04425-0014r1-04424-027a r1-04425-0015 r1-04424-030a


  1. I don’t like the way you’ve disrespected our flag, Phil. My country is getting enough bad press at the minute, so it worries me that you’ve portrayed our homeland in such a way. Is this your interpretation of a typical American?


    1. I fail to see how I’ve disrespected your flag? Your country is getting bad press because half of you voted Donald Trump in as president, I’m afraid. I have used the stars and stripes for this shot and for other shots because I see it as an iconic symbol – nothing else. If you’re looking for negative portrayal of your fellow Americans, then you might want to start laying the blame a little closer to home. πŸ™‚

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      1. The flag shot looks to me to be a statement about diversity and freedom of expression in the USA. There is nothing in it that suggests disrespect to the flag unless the viewer sees something wrong with the outfit and make-up of the subject, in which case I see disrespect for the subject, not the flag. Great post Phil and Kimberley.

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