Ebony and Ivory

img085I ordered four boxes of the new Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome from Amazon, but for some reason, they only sent me one? I loaded the cassette into my Neo Classic, and me being me, burnt the entire ten sheets within half an hour – so, I hope Amazon have more of this instant film on the way because I like it. A lot.
I’ve looked forward to the release of this film, the only other black and white instant film I’ve used, Impossible Project’s reincarnation of Polaroid, but I wasn’t too keen on that due to its chronic instability and unpredictability. Instax Monochrome behaves pretty much how I’d imagined it would – despite its various modes the Neo is, basically, wholly automatic – the only real control is the ability to override the flash and increase/decrease the exposure (with the lighten/darken mode)
All the images here we produced about an hour before sunset, in a north-facing window lit room. The three of Hannah in the fetal position I exposed as follows – auto flash/no adjustments, auto flash/+1 lightened and flash off/no adjustments – to be honest, I like the look of them all. The last image, the face-on portrait of Hannah, I think pushed the limits of this film.
The one thing I neglected was the double exposure mode, I’ve used it before with the colour film and been a little disappointed, however, I feel the mono version will lend itself to the function quite well.
There is one downside to this Japanese mono emulsion – here in the UK, a single ten shot pack of mono is about Β£13 – a twin pack of ten shots in the colour version is roughly the same price.

img094 img092 img091 img090 3-1 img093img08815016416_10154023791641787_6643870732340581204_o


  1. Great pics! The monochrome looks really nice. I got a Instax Mini camera from the Lomography guys last year, itΒ΄s a really nice camera I just think that the picture format is a bit small. Yep thatΒ΄s what the name says: Mini πŸ˜‰ .
    But the Fuji stuff is really good quality, especially when I look at my frigde where I pinned a about four year old Impossible Instant Pic it that is so bleached out that you barely see whats on it.
    Greets Peter

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  3. Grace Medowcroft

    Exquisite images of a very beautiful woman. I tried the monochrome in my basic model, with less success than you, Phil, but I guess the skill is in the photographer, not the camera πŸ™‚


  4. Jo Robinson

    I teach art to 5-11 year-olds here in Bloomfield NY and part of my class is photography – I’ve been using you and your photography/art in my classes for the last couple of years. Because your site contains nudity, I was required to seek permission from parents and guardians to share your work with pupils (of all ages) – there wasn’t a single adult, out of about 30, who saw it as a problem. This says a lot about your work πŸ™‚
    I love these Instax shots, mono always has a certain ‘gravitas’ over color.

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  5. Very nice results. I think my favourite is the one of Hannah’s neck tattoo.

    I have the same camera as you and am very curious to test the monochrome Instax film but still find them a but expensive. Hopefully they’ll drop the prices a bit before Christmas.

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  6. Wayne Hamilton

    I’m really liking these images of Hannah, she’s quite the beauty, Phil. I’ve never met you, but I imagine you’re a people person-you can’t be this good at portrait photography unless you’re a people person. All the greats have it.

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