I hate waiting; I mean I’m extremely impatient, which is a distinct disadvantage when you’re an analogue photographer. I’m sending my films to be developed and scanned in Russia at the moment, at Lighthouse Film Lab in Novosibirsk – I had to Google it to find out where it is, precisely – in the middle of the continent, just north of Kazakstan and Mongolia, is where. Packages sent from my home on the Isle of Man can take three days to arrive, or they can take three weeks. The last lot of film I sent got lost, went on a six-week tour around Russia and ended up in St Petersburg. I did contact my local post office, as well as their Russian counterparts to find out what had happened, however, the exact reason for the disappearance was left slightly ambiguous… Anyway, I digress, this article was supposed to be about the joys of instant film, but I’ve ended up ranting about the former Soviet Union’s somewhat Laissez-faire attitude to parcel post. I blame vodka.

I bought my partner, Hannah, a Fuji Instax Mini 8 last week; she’s still a bit frightened of it I think, there’s lots of pointing it at things but not much button pressing. I, however, have been pressing the button a little bit too much, some might say…

img080 1img077 img061 img085img075 img082 img079 img067 img055 img054 img051


  1. I hear you Phil. I mostly shoot film and am considering having a go at developing colour. I have always done my own black & white but colour takes longer to get processed. Also, that Russian post thing. I have lost items buying or selling stuff to Russia. One tracked camera just ‘disappeared’….


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