Disposable Outcome.


People’s general perception of disposable cameras tends to be that they produce poor quality, grainy images – so in the digital age, they would appear to be somewhat useless. I disagree. I think the secret to using these throwaway compacts is to shoot either in bright sunlight or use the flash, otherwise, you are going to get poor quality and very grainy images.

All the images here are from the same Kodak disposable camera and were shot in relatively bright light, or with the flash – the last image is an example of what happens when you use neither…

161003000034840033 161003000034770015 161003000034770018 161003000034770034 161003000034770005 161003000034840019-edit161003000034770030 161003000034770037 161003000034770029 161003000034840007-edit161003000034770020161003000034840022


  1. Amy C

    I think these images prove that it isn’t the camera, it’s the photographer. I love the one of the lady facing the sun and the silhouettes in the sunset. I had no idea that disposables were capable of shots like this.


  2. shutteringthrulife

    Very nice! I might just pick up one of these for the fun of it. This proves that a camera is just a tool. The person using the camera makes the difference.


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