Let there be light


I was sitting outside the building that I live in a couple of nights ago, chatting with one of my neighbours from the flat below me, Terry, who was four cans into a six-pack of strong continental lager. Just before I stood up to leave, Terry grabbed my wrist and said, “It’s getting colder, and have you noticed the days are getting shorter?” – My neighbour made the statement in such a way that it made me think that the changing of the seasons and our planet’s annual tilt and orbit of the sun were a relatively new phenomenon to Terry. But Terry is correct – the days are indeed getting shorter.

All the images here were made using flash – I love flash, night or day. All photographs were shot on an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact (except the one below, which is a Kodak Flash disposable).

CNV00008160706000027910012 PK190516241034-24-EditCNV00014 11040_002-S2-0003 CNV00003 CNV00009160706000027910013 11040_002-S2-0007-EditDSCF0286


  1. Francis of Mann

    Phil, your work is WAY ahead of the Isle of Man, why do you even bother trying to please an audience who are at least 5 years behind the rest of the art world? Get these images out there – do a book, it would sell, no bother. You’re an artist and your work is art – the country bumpkins in the middle of the Irish sea don’t get it. But a lot of people, the people who matter, do get it.


  2. Lindsey Collins

    Your photography is amazing, Phil. Give the same camera to any other photographer and none of them would see things the way you do, you truly are blessed with a gift. The image with the legs with the underwear on the red carpet – it’s so incredibly erotic, yet sensitive. Never stop doing what you do so well.


    • Ainsley Richards

      Hello, Phil, I own a small but successful book publishing house which specialises in art photography and I’d be more than willing to get some of your work into a book if that’s something you’d consider? We distribute worldwide, however, the type of work you produce, which is unique, is very popular in Japan.
      Ainsley (email sent and website included)


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