In the 15 years since Jessica was born, I must have taken thousands of photographs of her; she’s now at the point where, most of the time, she doesn’t know, or care, that I’m taking her picture. When my daughter is aware, I’m photographing her, such as here, she has the most amazing sultry, ‘resting bitch face’ look; she can even raise one eyebrow when provoked, just like her Mum.

This shoot was actually ‘commissioned’ by Jessica herself. Makeup and hair by the equally talented, Kimberley Berridge and Jenna O’Sullivan.

All images here were made using a Nikon F100 camera and 50mm 1.4 lens. Film stock is Fuji Superia 400 and Fuji Natura 1600. For more images, visit me on Instagram

CNV00027 11040_003-S1-0005 CNV00034 11040_003-S1-0004 11040_001-S1-0001 CNV00023 CNV00003


  1. Such presence in one so young. One minute she looks years older and next minute, she looks sweet and girly. You’ve captured her moods beautifully.


  2. Jessica looks like she should already be famous – an actress or the lead singer in a band? She looks like a very confident and elegant young woman – I bet you and Mrs Kneen are very proud.


  3. You have this way of dragging your subject’s souls to the surface of your portraits. I can only imagine what that experience must be like for a 15 year old girl. Did she like these photographs?


  4. These photographs are stunning. I’ve seen many images of this beautiful young lady – most recently from your amazing Tokyo series, but I also had the great pleasure of meeting her in person. Jessica is incredible, she has an allure and charisma that most teens of her age lack. She is indeed a credit to you and Helen, you should be proud indeed.


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