There was a time when no wedding reception was complete without a disposable camera on each table for guests to produce 27 poorly exposed and badly composed photographs that nobody ever got to see. These days, smart phones have replaced the disposable and wedding guests now take hundreds of poorly exposed and badly composed photographs that nobody wants to see.

I love disposable cameras, though, now and then I’ll buy a few from Amazon and keep one in my camera bag. My favourites are the Kodak versions with the flash; they produce a surprisingly sharp final image, but while still keeping that grungy look if under-exposed.

All the images here are from a single Kodak disposable camera, shot over a week.

CNV00015CNV00030 CNV00013 CNV00005CNV00021 CNV00013 CNV00032 CNV00029 CNV00014CNV00033CNV00003


  1. Jenny

    I’m studying photography at LLC, Phil, your work is a great inspiation to me and many of my fellow students – it would be so wonderful if you’d be willing to come to London and give a lecture. These images are really making me want to shoot an entire series using disposables. Are you able to share more information? – which model did you use? Where were the films developed? Have you manipulated the files in any way? Thanks in advance, Jenny.

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  2. Kev Sutton

    Superb work as usual, Mr Kneen. I heard a rumour you’d stopped taking photos? I’m sure a lot of other photographers were breathing a sigh of relief, then BOOM! You’re back. So glad. Who’s the model? She’s a an absolute stunner.

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  3. The first paragraph is the funniest thing I have read all day. Cracking shots considering the tool used, again goes to show it doesn’t matter how fancy the equipment if you’ve got the eye then you can make anything create a great image.

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  4. Jen

    Philly! These are so good! I’m really proud of you (someone needs to tell you that every now and again 😉 ) Come down and visit soon…but not now, it’s like 40 degrees here at the moment, you’d end up murdering someone! Xx

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  5. Jennie

    Hey Phil, I know you’ve taken a lot of shit recently, all of it undeserved – you’re a wonderful man and a great photographer – people are gonna hate and be jealous of what you have. Please, just carry-on doing what you do, but even more importantly, carry-on being who you are – you are loved 🙂

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  6. A good variety of subjects to show off that disposable. I think the shot of the man with the beard is probably the only one that looks faded and lacking contrast. The first and last shots have lovely skin tone so just goes to show it’s not the the $$$$ of the camera.

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