The things I saw (Liverpool) #3


More visual meanderings from a recent trip to Liverpool with my good chum and fellow analogue photographer, Ed Riley.

I gave another good friend a 35mm film camera the other day to have a play with – Hannah, a very keen photographer, has only ever made images using her iPhone, but has been interested in using film for a while now. There were a lot of questions asked about the technical side of analogue photography, but I told Hannah that this isn’t so important at this stage. She already has a great eye for composition, so the Canon point and shoot she’s using is ideal – Hannah can just see a shot and, well, point and shoot. There was one piece of advice for the budding young film shooter, and it’s an ethos I’ve always stood by when shooting film – only ever shoot one frame – see a photograph, take one photo, move on.

All images made using an Olympus MjuII compact film camera. The film used is Fuji Superia 400 and Natura 1600.

CNV00007 CNV00002 CNV00012 CNV00003 CNV00008 CNV00004 CNV00011CNV00034 CNV00016CNV00036


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  2. Claire Freestone

    Without photographers like you… actually, I shall rephrase that, because there are no other photographers like you – without you, Phil, my world would be a much duller place. You document the places you visit with such vivid individuality and verve, it’s amazing.


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