The things I saw (Liverpool) #1

CNV00015I like to think I have a pretty good built-in compass, an organic GPS that usually get’s me to where I’m supposed to be without too much hassle or head scratching. Unfortunately, this Magellan like homing skill goes out of the window with every visit to Liverpool – and I’ve spent a lot of time in the city. A couple of years ago, I left a party in Toxteth; it was 6 am, I’d lost my phone, and I was down to my last £5. However, I was fairly sure that I was heading in the right direction to get back to where I was staying, about half a mile away. The 20-minute walk turned into a 4-hour circumnavigation of central and eastern Liverpool. At 10 am I finally admitted defeat and decided to summon a taxi – I staggered into Tesco car park, fell into the back of a black cab and asked the driver to take me as close to David Street as my limited funds would allow. We pulled out of the supermarket car park; I slouched in the back, hungover and exhausted, but grateful for the sit-down, which lasted all of 30 seconds. I hadn’t even finished explaining how I’d lost my wallet and phone by the time we stopped in David Street, right outside my friends flat. Embarrassed, I handed a single five-pound note to the driver – he smiled and told me to keep it, adding that, “Lonely Planet do an excellent guide to Liverpool, lad”…
These photographs were taken a few weeks ago during a visit with my good friend, Ed. I think it’s fair to say that my lack of coordination on this particular excursion was more down to the fact that we started drinking premium strength lager on the Isle of Man to Liverpool ferry at 8 am. We then drank steadily throughout the day; I narrowly avoided a night in a Bootle police cell after nearly being arrested by Merseyside Constabulary for flipping a finger at a police officer who’d tried to run me over on Bold Street. The pub we found that sold Budweiser at £2 a bottle did me no favours that day…

All images made using an Olympus MjuII compact film camera. The film used is Fuji Superia 400 and Natura 1600.CNV00023 CNV00001 CNV00014 CNV00021 CNV00005 CNV00010 CNV00012 CNV00027 CNV00029 CNV00032 CNV00033 CNV00035 CNV00013


  1. Great to see these posts again – It’s great that you see the beauty in the mundane that most people walk by every day without a 2nd glance, but that you photograph so well. Even after a load of £2 Budweiser it would seem 🙂

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