I made these photographs with the very beautiful Hannah less than three weeks ago, yet for some reason it seems likes months ago? I did the whole shoot on film, which can cause ‘issues’ because it’s quite ‘revealing’, showing-up every flaw and imperfection – fortunately, Hannah doesn’t appear to have any flaws or imperfections, probably down to her regular pole-dancing and healthy eating (according to her Instagram account)

PK190516241034-35 PK190516002428-29 PK190516241034-07PK190516002428-33PK190516241035-15PK190516241034-17

All images were made using a Nikon F100 and 50mm 1.4G (1,3,5,6) and an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact. Film is Fuji Superia 400, developed and scanned at UK Film Lab.

Make-up by the very excellent Kimberley Berridge Makeup Art


  1. These are amazing, Phil, really. And Hannah… wow, what a true, classic, natural beauty. Your images of women always look so ‘unposed’, I know there’s a degree of posing in an portrait genre, but your portraits of women always look like you were just sitting round, having a chat and took some photos while you were at it! Extremely well done.


  2. When I look at your portraits, especially your portraits of women, I get extremely emotional! I don’t know what it is? I know the ladies you photograph are already ‘physically beautiful’, but you seem to bring out something else, an inner beauty. That is a very rare talent, Mr K.


  3. Your work reminds me a lot of Mario Testino – not in a way that I think you emulate him, you have a style and individuality all of your own. No, you have the same obvious magnetism, empathy, charm and an ability to put a woman totally at ease with herself. You also have the same talent, and I suspect, charisma 🙂
    Hannah is stunning, she reminds me of a very young Meryl Streep. Superb work, both of you.


  4. I know there’s a lot of photographers out there, professional and amateur, who wish they had your gift, Phil.


  5. I would love, so much, for you to photograph me, Phil. However, I have a partner who thinks that any kind of nude photography is pornography. So I’m ashamed to say that I stay covered because he won’t allow it.
    Obviously I don’t see your work as anywhere close to porn, it’s beautiful portraiture of beautiful people. I just wish I could do it, I know I’d find it empowering…


  6. So many of the top photographer’s work is formulaic, every shot starts to look the same – I realise style is important, but not to the detriment of aesthetics. You, Phil, are different to most – even though you have an obvious and unique ‘style’, every single series, even shot, is completely fresh. I know that every time I visit your site I’ll be reborn, visually and inspirationally. Keep it going, the world needs it.


  7. Lucky Hannah, that’s all I can say – to be photographed in such a beautiful way by such a great photographer. And lucky Phil – to be born with a talent that allows you to put women, incredibly beautiful women, at such ease. Well done, both of you.


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