Three’s company.

3A few people have asked me about the cost of travelling, but more specifically, road-tripping, so I thought I’d share the financial breakdown of the last trip I did to Scandinavia. The costs here are based on three people sharing, so with a bigger camper van you could split it 4, 5, even 6 ways or more, depending on how big your vehicle is. In 12 days we did a lot of driving, 6000 miles worth, so fuel costs are obviously going to be high. I also have the added cost of getting off the Isle of Man – our only ferry service, The Isle of Man Steam Packet, is run by greedy racketeers, but there is no other way to get off the Island, so I just have to suck it up…

Total mileage – 6000
Ferries (Isle of Man/Liverpool. Dover/Calais, Denmark/Norway) – £598 return (split 3 ways)
Fuel (diesel) – £1133 (Split 3 ways)
Food (mostly tinned soup and pot noodles) – £38
Luxuries (bottle of Campari, 8 cans of lager, chocolate) – £28
Campsite (3 nights, to shower and charge electrical devices) – £90 (split 3 ways)
On the road fresh food, snacks and miscellaneous – £210

Total personal cost – £883

A few of my useful, and not so useful, road-trip tips –

●Travel with friends, it keeps the cost down and it’s more fun.
●Carry little or no cash – if you have cash, you’ll spend it.
●Do not drive over 55mph – you’re in no rush, and this is the optimum speed for economical fuel consumption.
●You don’t need an expensive camper van or motor home to make a good road-trip – I’ve done some of my best trips in estate cars and vans with a mattress in the back.
●Speeding fines are expensive, especially in Scandinavia – 10kmph over the limit will get you a £650 fine, as my friend John discovered on our last trip through Norway.
●Breakdowns are common – have breakdown cover and emergency funds to cover yourself.
●Only use the toilet in your camper van if you REALLY have to.
●Have music, lots of music.
●Choose your travel companions very carefully – you’ve got them with you 24/7.
●Invest in a GPS – accidental detours can be expensive.
●Turn off your GPS sometimes – accidental detours can be fun. 5


  1. They say travelling with your best friend 24/7 for months on end can be the quickest way to end a friendship (or cement a life-long one).
    I’m with you in not carrying cash………even in everyday life! I have it in my wallet and I spend it (on things I never would have bought if my wallet had been empty and I only had a credit card).

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