The things I saw (Tokyo) #2


More visual meanderings and photographic sketches from a recent trip to Japan…

Me and Jess both tried to sleep on our first night in Tokyo, but the 9 hour time difference was telling our brains it was the middle of the day, not 4am… so we got up, got dressed, left our hotel at 5am and headed to Kawasaki train station. By 6am the station was already quite busy, but for our first 20 minute commute into Tokyo we managed to get a seat. The next day was a different story – I’ve seen videos of platform conductors pushing and jamming office workers into already packed carriages, but I didn’t think it actually happened on a regular basis – it does… but here’s the weird thing – even packed trains are totally silent – nobody speaks, not a word.

All the images here were made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and various film (Fuji Superia 400/800 and Kodak Gold 400, mainly)

PK140416002239-35 PK140416002239-21 PK140416240617-24 PK140416240617-29 PK140416002239-03 PK140416002238-30 PK140416002238-21 PK140416240617-32PK140416240617-02 PK140416240618-13 PK140416240618-22 PK140416240618-35 PK140416240618-16 PK140416240617-13 PK140416002239-22


  1. Your work is sublime 🙂 I know you class these a merely ‘snaps’, but they aren’t, your work is art, all of it. This is really superb photojournalism.


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