Not the End of the World…

DSCF0633I’m writing this from the back of my camper van, we’re just outside Hamburg, Germany, heading home after a two-week road-trip around Scandinavia with two very good friends, John and Mark. I marked my last day in Norway with a swim in the sea at Verdens Ende (Worlds End), we then sat outside the port at Larvik and got drunk on very expensive beer in the car park.

I’ve become quite emotionally attached to my camper van, a 2006 Trigano Tribute, which I’ve named – Hel’n Wheels. People mock it, mainly because it’s a Fiat, but I don’t really get why? I know the Italian manufacturer gets a bad rep’, but in the 7 months that I’ve owned my Ducato based house on wheels I’ve driven 20,000 miles around Europe and Scandinavia, and apart from a snapped exhaust and a loose battery cable, it hasn’t missed a beat.

IMG_1748I bought Hel’n Wheels last September with the intention of touring Europe for a few months with my ex-partner, but Kirsty’s life plan changed and we parted ways. After we’d split I nearly sold the camper van, I had a lot of happy memories invested in it, and everything inside smelled of Kirsty, I couldn’t even go inside it, let alone plan another trip. I did have a buyer for the camper, but the day before I was due to let her go, a very good friend talked me out of selling. That afternoon I took out anything that would go the washing machine, binned everything that reminded me of Kirsty and blasted the inside with fabric freshener.

We’ve driven about 5000 miles in the last couple of weeks and filled Hele’n Wheels with more happy memories. Unfortunately, the smell of Kirsty’s expensive French perfume has been replaced with a strange miasma blended from damp neoprene, sweaty underwear and Pot Noodles.

All images made using iPhone 6s and VSCOcam 11 8 10 2


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  2. Steve

    Phil, you must talk to a publisher to get your work published. Not only are you are a talented photographer but you are also a talented writer.


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