Nörthern Exposure


Monday 16th April – I really should start making notes in between posting blog articles – I’ll normally be in bed, or driving through the night when I think of something interesting or amusing to write about… but by the time it comes to actually writing something, like now, I’ve forgotten everything and I end-up posting something half-arsed. Like now…

I actually forgot what day it was this morning, I had to check my phone to see if it was Monday or Tuesday. We left Lofoten on Saturday evening and headed to Sweden, we decided that a change of scenery would be good. Before we left I took a swim in the sea fjord just outside Svolvær – I didn’t stay in for too long, even with a 5mm wetsuit on, it was brutally cold.

We’re back in Norway now, the change of scenery plan didn’t quite pan-out as we’d hoped – Sweden has a lot of trees. To get back into Norway we drove south – for 13 hours of virtually none-stop driving we saw nothing but trees, road and snow…

All photos were made on iPhone 6 and VSCOcam

IMG_1713 DSCF0794 DSCF0745 Untitled-1 DSCF0773 DSCF0770


  1. I love your photography, Phil, but I also love your writing – over the last few months you’ve entertained me, you’ve made me laugh, and you’ve made me cry, literally. Your account of your trip to Spain with Kirsty was heartbreaking. Please write more… write a book.

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  2. I’ll echo what Lucy said ^ – maybe you don’t realise it, but you’re a great writer. I can’t really compare your writing to anyone else, because it’s individual, I image you write the way you speak, if that makes sense? I too have laughed and cried.

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