DSCF0449-Edit As a photographer, there’s nothing worse than presenting a model with a selection of photographs that you know are beautiful, only to be told that they don’t like them – I’ve had a couple of shoots recently that have culminated in this devastating rejection. I always take it quite badly, to be honest, so the last sessions I did, combined with a few none-photographically related body-blows have seen my cameras confined to a Peli Case for a while.

I’m off to Tokyo tomorrow, I know there’s going to be a lot of people there I’ll want to photograph, so I decided to get back on the horse and get shooting again…

I made these shots with the stunning, Mimi Shilling, during an all day road-trip around the Isle of Man (so more of a mini road-trip). I’m delighted to say that Mimi loves the photos, so far…
12593563_1067549726651650_1067022834927563626_o 12748001_1067555223317767_9087970191528629260_o DSCF0508-EditBlack and white images – Nikon F100, 35mm 1.4 and Kodak Tri-X 400
Colour images – Fuji Instax Wide 300


  1. Adam Rustwell

    Phil, I kneel at your feet and chant “I’m not worthy!!” – seriously though, you inspire me and humble me in equal measures – can I ever aspire to be this good? No, I think not.
    Mimi, btw, is one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen, you have done that beauty justice.


  2. Val Moreau

    Every time I think your photography can’t get any better…it gets better. These images, this incredibly beautiful woman have taken your work to another level. She’s good for you! šŸ˜‰

    Have a great time in Japan my dear, I’m going to try and extend my trip so we can meet-up, it’s been a while. Are you going to shoot film? Don’t bring any with you – they have a vast selection in Tokyo, some types I’m sure you’ve probably never seen before. Catch you soon. X


  3. Claire Davidson

    One day you’re shooting beautiful women, the next you’re jetting off to Tokyo, and then it’s Norway – what a life! I can’t say I’m not a bit jealous.
    You can see, not just from this shoot, but from all of the others, that you have a connection with your subjects, you seem to possess a rare magnetic charisma which is totally on point with your obvious talent. These qualities are especially evident in these photographs of Mimi.

    Great work, both of you.



  4. Alex

    I have to agree with Clair, and many other people – you do seem to possess an ability to totally engage your subjects, especially women. Never lose that, Phil.


  5. Grace Bauer-Pugh

    You make women beautiful, which sounds strange I know when the women are obviously already naturally beautiful – no, you also bring out an inner beauty too. Without any deliberation or intent, you make women feel good about themselves, and if there’s one thing I do know – us girls love to feel good about ourselves.
    Fantastic work, as usual, Phil. Mimi looks stunning.

    I hope one day to be the lucky lady in front of your eyes.

    Grace Bauer-Pugh


  6. Janette79

    I know of Mimi, I see her around and I’ve always been struck by her striking looks. You however have captured not only the outer beauty, but also Mimi’s inner beauty too – she looks so serine, calm, and there’s a spark in those eyes. Why you aren’t working for the top fashion journals is beyond me… although I’m sure it’s not far off.


  7. GypsumRock60

    Wow, look at her face in every single photograph – Mimi is totally at ease, even in the images where you can’t see her face, you can see by her body tension that she’s at one. It’s a very rare talent you have there Phil. You could but a billion other photographers in that room with the same camera and lens, the same film, on the same bed, and none of them would come close to results like this.
    On a technical note – how do you get such great results from Fuji Instax indoors? None of these look strobed or artificially lit?

    On a purely personal note – you are one of about 5 photographers in the world today whose work I see and think, “Oh you fucker…I wish I’d taken that” šŸ™‚


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