***This position has now been filled***

Do you have any plans for the end of April 2016? About the 11th – 25th? I’m looking for a third person to join me and another photographer on a 6000 mile round-trip from the Isle of Man to the Norwegian Arctic. This epic road-trip will take us through France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.
Our fellow traveller would, ideally, be able/willing to share the driving (a 5 metre camper van) and be very easy-going. Most of the considerable expenses of the trip are covered, such as ferries. The only cost for this trip would be a contribution toward fuel (about £500) and a share of food costs and tolls… if you want to drink Scandinavian beer at £12 a pint, that’s up to you 🙂

If you’re interested in joining us on this adventure, please contact me via info@philkneen.com



  1. Wayoutwest

    Having travelled with Phil in the past, I can honestly say that whoever is lucky enough to be chosen for this is in for the experience and adventure of a lifetime, quite literally! Just bring ear-plugs – his snoring is the stuff of legend 🙂


  2. Green Eyed Monster

    I’m not generally a jealous or envious kinda gal… but my eyes go green every time I visit your blog, Phil! What a blessed life you live – a blessed life that I know you’ve worked very hard at though, I might add. If I was free and single I’d join you in a heartbeat. But I have a boring job, a boring husband and a boring life 😦

    I shall continue to live vicariously through your adventures.


  3. I was wondering which route you’ll take. Are you planning to go the same way back or is there some flexibility? I’m moving back to my hometown Rostock (Germany) on the 20th-21th so if you’d take a ferry from Gedser, Denmark or Trelleborg, Sweden we could meet. If that doesn’t work, I might be able to meet you somewhere on the road in the north to say ‘Hello’. We’ll see when time has come and you have to return from Japan first 😉


  4. Ilvy Njiokiktjien

    Hello Phil, I would so love to meet you if you are passing through near Rotterdam? I work also as a photographer, we could swap notes over a coffee (or beer, which here is less expensive than Norway!) This sounds like a very interesting time for you. I wish I could come also. X

    Ilvy Njiokiktjien


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  6. Alex B

    Philip!! I wish you’d told me about this last week! I would have come 😦 It was great to meet you, btw. You should definitely do lectures and talks because you absolutely fascinated every single person around that dining table 🙂 This’ll be an amazing trip, I’m jealous of whoever’s going with you… but they’ll have a great time!


  7. Harriet Isaksen

    Maybe you will pass through Narvik? If yes, then please stop by. I think Narvik is a place you would enjoy, it is not at all what people expect in Norway, it has its own industrial beauty though. I live about 8km to the south of the town. It would be a great pleasure to meet my favourite photographer, for sure.


  8. Carol Anderson-Boyle

    You inspire me, Phil, and it’s not just your photographs and writing, but the way you live your life, your appetite for experience and adventure – you’re a doer!


  9. Kingsley Patterson

    Having ‘read between the lines’ over the last few months, it’s obvious you’ve had more than anyone’s fair share of low points. I don’t know you, personally, however your character shines through in every image you make and in all the words you write. I agree with so many people – you are an inspiration to anyone out there wishing to transcend the mundane (I am one of those people)
    Good luck with this trip, it sounds like my perfect adventure!

    Kingsley Patterson


  10. Emile Kyrkjebø

    Hello Phil, my name is Emile Kyrkjebø, I live inside Mo i Rana, which I see from your photo that you have visited before. I would like to ask if I could travel with you for a few days? I can show you the sights on your way north that many people would miss. I have followed your work since about 3 years and would love to meet-up with you and your friends. Emile 🙂


  11. Jenny Alsop

    Me and my two friends drove to Nordkapp and back from Coventry about 5 years ago, except we did it in a clapped-out old VW Transporter! The coast of Norway is so incredibly beautiful, and the people were so kind – we went in April also and it was still very cold, but almost every day we were invited into homes for hot drinks, food and even beds for the night.

    I can’t wait to read your journal of the trip and to see the photographs you make 🙂


  12. Betty Not So Blue

    The hopeless romantic so wants to do this, so I scroll back to the top to re-read and notice the position is filled. I can image two weeks on the road with Phil Kneen would be heaps of fun! I really hope you can blog every day, or as often as you can, I love the accounts of your adventures!


  13. Tom Norton

    I really enjoyed your photographs and written accounts of your last trip to Norway with the disabled gentleman, so I eagerly await this next project. Tom.


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