IMG_0477Wednesday 16th December – I arrived in the migrant/refugee camp at Calais today to start shooting a two-week project that will see me here until 29th December. In the six weeks since I was here last The Jungle has grown and changed beyond recognition – any empty areas in the main camp, no matter how seemingly unusable they looked, have now been filled with tents and makeshift shelters. At the far end of the camp, a patch of sand dunes that was home for over a thousand Eritreans, has been flattened and cleared to build semi-permanent cabins of some kind. The estimated number of people in The Jungle is now 8,000, which I can well believe.

IMG_0472This is the second Banksy work of art Calais has been treated to, it’s in The Jungle, on the wall of the under-pass at the entrance of the camp. A Somalian man has pitched a tent right next to it, covered it with a sheet and is charging people €2 to see it. Excellent work, I say – if one man with nothing can make a few Euro a day out of a man with millions, I salute him.

In the next few days French officials will spend thousands of Euros putting a frame and protective reenforced glass screen over the artwork to ‘protect it from the elements’ – the irony of that is f**king staggering and unbelievable…

IMG_0471 PK111115004413-35IMG_0478


  1. The love of art ahead of humanity is staggering.

    It makes it imperative that artists like you celebrate the humanity of those washed up at the end of this political surge channel.

    Since revealing and celebrating personality is what you do best I am very much looking forward to seeing how you honour them with your art.

    Take care, it sounds like it could be a difficult time.

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