That was 2015…

DSC_6421I normally do my yearly review a bit nearer to years end, but I’m off to Calais tomorrow to shoot a project over Christmas, so I’m doing it today! The images here represent my own personal favourites from 2015 – some have been very popular, others have not, but I love every last one.

The portrait above, of Sophia, being my number one favourite (this is the only image in the whole line-up that was shot on digital. All the images below were made on various cameras, films and film formats)

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time over the last year to stop by and look – have a very happy Christmas!  CNV00006-10 CNV00011-11 CNV00017-6 CNV00032-3 CNV00029-6 CNV00020CNV00026-9img281 DSC_3958-Edit CNV00004-6 CNV00022-9 CNV00034-4 CNV00031-3 CNV00006-11 CNV00001-10 CNV00029 CNV00018-12 CNV00035-3 CNV00033-6 CNV00009-10 DSC_3558-Edit 5I9A6823-Edit-Edit-Edit-2 1635_003-S2-0008 2885-005-0006 Instax_instant_film PK130715EX002638-23 PK130715EX002626-1 PK130715EX002628-6 PK210915003888-04 PK201015EX004102-02 PK201015EX001398-12 PK201015EX004101-03 PK131015004125-01 PK111115004410-06 PK111115004410-05 PK111115004413-13 PK181115001559-01 PK181115001559-06 img0052 img0121IMG_0443


  1. You’ve been through a hell of a year, Phil, but you’ve survived, and I think that your images speak to your resilience. I feel like your images show me such a close connection you make with people — friends and strangers alike (and maybe that’s where your strength comes from). Keep up the good work. I appreciate every post you make.

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  2. I’m happy to have discovered you on the big. old internet. All of your photos are inspirational and I think you are someone I would love to meet in real life too.

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      1. I live in a tiny village on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. It’s called Bayfield and probably not somewhere you’d ever end up, but if you do, get in touch for sure!

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  3. I’ve been a huge fan of you work for many years Phil, and I’m not sure if you know it, but you have quite a large cult following in Norway? By the way – I see you on Facebook, you have a beautifully shaped head!

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  4. I stumbled on your work a while ago and it never ceases to amaze, inspire and provoke. Your portraits are so intimate always dive deep into the soul of your subjects. This year I realized your landscapes do the same friggin thing.


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