Instax Gratification

img018Although my adoration for instant film comes in waves, my love for it will never die. At the moment I’m surfing a tsunami of infatuation for Fuji Instax, the only truly instant film still available. Obviously, I’m aware of the existence of other ‘instant’ emulsions – but peel apart is hardly accessible to the masses, and the glacial rate at which Impossible Project’s Polaroid replacement develops can hardly place any of its films in the ‘instant’ category.

I’ve been using the Fuji Instax Wide 300 for the past few months… its improvements over the 210 model are noticeable – however, focusing can still be a bit ‘hit ‘n’ miss’. Another issue is that the flash still can’t be totally switched off, but one easy override to this problem is to simply place your finger over the flash whilst shooting. One thing the Japanese boffins at Fuji have sorted-out, and I don’t know if it’s deliberate, or just a change in chemicals, is the colour balance of the actual film… I think the warmer hue and natural skin tones are stunning.

Thank you to The Caff, in Lord Street, Douglas, who without question let us turn their cafe,  during a busy period, into a photo studio… I forgot to put the picture back on the wall, sorry! Thanks also to Lee and Dave at Lucky13 tattoo studio for the space and the coffee.
img005 img012 img014 Phil img010 img008 img011 img003


  1. Grant Millard

    I’ve been shooting Instax for years and I’ve never managed anything anywhere close to as good as these! I love the edginess of your work Phil, the way you can capture a seemingly mundane scene and turn it into something unique… I suppose having stunning women to hand helps!

    Your way with people is truly masterful, a gift that very few professional photographers are blessed with. I salute you.


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