Hal kuring nempo…

PK111115004413-32A lot of people are surprised to learn that I’m shooting the vast majority of my Calais project using a 20 year-old, second-hand Olympus Mju II 35mm film compact. I’m using a medium format Pentax 67 too, but only really for the more ‘formal’ portraits. Wandering around The Jungle with a brace of professional DSLR’s slung around your neck is not a great idea.

For my next visit in a couple of weeks I’ll be taking two Mju II and a Pentax 67 with just one lens – the standard 105mm. Film will be Kodak Portra 160, 400 and 800. I’ve also ordered some Fuji Natura 1600 35mm film from Japan, an emulsion I’ve never tried before, so we’ll see how that goes…

PK111115004413-31 PK111115004413-25 PK111115004413-27 PK111115004413-29 PK111115004413-14 PK111115004412-13 PK111115004413-17 PK111115004413-30 PK111115004413-36 PK111115004412-09 PK111115004413-35 PK111115004412-08 PK111115004413-33 PK111115004413-18 PK111115004412-11 PK111115004412-10 PK111115004412-06 PK111115004412-04 PK111115004412-01 PK111115004412-07 PK111115004412-02


  1. It is so always important, but especially now, for a sensitive and intelligent portrayal of these places and people. I can’t imagine a better photographer for the task.

    The mju ii is an excellent tool for the task in your hands. I look forward to seeing the results.


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