The things I saw #9

PK131015004127-25This is the last of my ‘The things I saw’ series, my visual meanderings and notebook of the banal from a month in The Netherlands, France, Spain and Andorra. Some people have enjoyed these shots, others have not, finding them… well, banal. You can’t please everyone – which is why I don’t try to. As the Canadians say, “It is what it is”.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to be re-packing my camper van in readiness for a re-launch of my European project. First stop will be Calais to document the refugee crisis, then I’ll be heading back on myself to the Scottish Highlands. So for the next couple of weeks it’s a return to sporadic posts, iPhone snaps and limited wifi access…

All images here were made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and a selection of Kodak Portra, Agfa Vista and Fuji Superia film. Developed and scanned at UK Film Lab

PK201015EX001397-31 PK131015004126-18PK201015EX001397-35 PK201015EX001398-30 PK131015004125-10 PK131015004125-25 PK131015004125-26 PK131015004126-19 PK131015004126-24 PK131015004126-31 PK131015004127-28


  1. Banal? No, certainly not. I have absolutely loved this series of images, they are photographic Zen. Phil, why don’t you publish a book… publish lots of books! I’d buy every single one.


  2. I’m actually sad that this is the last in the series – I have loved every single one, I really have. I agree with Alex – photographic Zen.
    Good luck with the next phase, I shall be waiting with baited breath!


  3. Well, there must be a bunch of curmudgeons out there as I, too, have enjoyed this series. I don’t find the photos banal; you’ve made common things seem interesting! Thanks for posting these despite the grumpy people out there. I’m looking forward to your upcoming travels.

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