The things I saw #7

PK131015004126-02More random visual meanderings and scribbles with the pen and the camera. All images made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and Kodak Portra 160 film. Developing and scanning by the rather excellent UK Film Lab

After driving over 4000 miles in a month, this much I do know – most people think that the Manx flag I hang in the front window of my camper at campsites is a Nazi Swastika or the white supremacy sign. This, combined with my English number plate, made us unapproachable. At Camp Zeeburg, in Amsterdam, the father of a family on the pitch next to us actually asked to be moved. I also have a particularly rough-looking Three Legs of Mann tattoo on my right arm, and by the time we reached southern Spain, a skinhead – this at least meant I got the entire swimming pool to myself.

Anyway, my camper van is going to the Manx Government vehicle test centre tomorrow for a roadworthiness check. If, fingers crossed, it passes, I’ll be able to display the exclusive Manx licence plate, the advantages of which can only be appreciated if you’ve driven anywhere in Europe with one… or without one.

PK131015004125-08PK131015004127-17PK131015004126-05 PK131015004126-33 PK131015004126-01


  1. Mike Glanfield

    I would be wary of displaying the Manx Flag for the reasons you gave. It’s always been on my mind about the likeness with the Nazi Swastika but nobody on the Isle of Man ever mentions it because most people are so damned poltically correct.


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  3. syntheticvampirkarma

    but i have a huge swastika tattoo on my back that they can’t make me take down so screw the police 99.99% of them are corrupt and dirty anyways they think they can do go and say whatever they want just cause they have a badge and a gun and most of them need to be put in their place and knocked down a few pegs in my opinion


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