The things I saw #6

More random visual meanderings and scribbles with the pen and the camera. All images made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and Kodak Portra 160 film. Today I’ve realised that I get as anxious about my equipment as I do every other aspect of my life…


I love the Olympus MjuII… I’m actually starting to wonder if I should just shoot everything, all my projects, using this one camera? I have two of these little compacts now – one I bought a few weeks ago, it’s in mint condition and is the one I’ve used for the entirety of this European project. The other MjuII has been sat in a cupboard, getting closer to the dustbin because I thought it was dead. But I’ve decided to have it fixed instead – throwing it away would be like scrapping a vintage Honda motorcycle because the tyres are flat.

Talking of cameras, one of the reasons I returned home was to pick-up my Pentax 67, which is in Liverpool being repaired. Having had my Fuji GW690III gear stolen in Chamonix, it’s the only medium format camera I still own… but it still isn’t fixed, I’m leaving the island again on Sunday to return to Europe, and I’m hoping to pick it up along the way. It’s only Wednesday though, give it a couple of days… I’ll start panicking on Friday.

PK201015EX001397-15 PK201015EX001397-17 PK201015EX001397-14 PK201015EX001397-09 PK201015EX001397-23 PK201015EX001397-02


  1. I always used the Olympus Stylus Epic (same machine) loaded with Tri-X, but I found the focus was erratic and missed too many great moments. I leant Johnny Cash the camera one night on stage, his pictures were out of focus. Shame because he had a good eye, as well as an ear for a song.

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