PK201015EX004098-02When things turn to shit, there really is no place like home. After a string of pitfalls toward the end of the first month of my European road trip, I’ve decided to return to my home on the Isle of Man, just for a couple of weeks, to level-out. I feel like a kids jigsaw that’s been put together, but with all the pieces in the wrong place. I need to reassemble that jigsaw!

Contrary to what a lot of people think, I did actually start shooting my project, It wasn’t just all relationship breakdowns, vehicle break-ins and fleas break-dancing in my camper van – I started to photograph people.

I had intended to shoot all of my portraits using a Pentax 67, however, that had to be sent back to Liverpool after the first week for repair. So, I’ve been using the Fuji GW690III – a beautiful camera, but not ideal for portraits with its rangefinder focusing. All the images here were made using the Fuji. I’ve been strict, limiting myself to just two shots of each person, using Kodak Portra 400 and 800.

I’m returning to Europe in 10 days, I’ll be spending about 5 days making portraits of the migrants in the illegal camps at Calais. After that? I’m not sure… or maybe I just don’t want to jinx my plans.

All images here were developed and scanned at the best lab in the world (in my opinion) – UK Film Lab
PK201015EX004104-04 PK201015EX004102-04 PK201015EX004102-02


  1. Do you ever ‘bottle it’ when approaching a subject to take their photo and then have an awkward moment to deal with?


    1. Yes, on the odd occasion! Language is a problem – I speak a little French, but no Spanish. Usually I have someone with me who acts as a ‘fixer’, but without them I just use sign language! People are generally fine, rarely, if ever, aggressive. Normally I get a simple “yes” or “no”.


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