IMG_0346****** This position is now filled *****

I’ve received press accreditation to go and shoot a photo-essay (mostly portraits) about the migrants at Calais (mainly the smaller ferry camp, but also the ‘Jungle’ camp near the tunnel). I’ll be shooting the project sometime over the next couple of weeks (just waiting for replacement camera equipment) over 3 or 4 days.
Anyway, I need an assistant/wing-man(or woman)/fixer/translator/co-driver/etc to come with me. You’d need to be able to be free for up to 5 days, have a current passport, be confident around strangers and willing to live out of a camper van for a few days. Being able to speak a bit of French and drive would be a distinct advantage.
This temporary position is unpaid, but all expenses will be covered (I won’t get any money until the photos are sold, so if you want to negotiate a small commission on sale, feel free)

Applicants need to be over 21, resident on the Isle of Man or the UK (or be able to get to Calais or UK to join me).

If you’re interested, or need more details, please email me (mail@philkneen.com). Thanks.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


  1. Congratulations. Sounds like a wonderful job and it will give you a chance to meet some incredible people with amazing stories. If I were in the UK I would volunteer for the job. I fit the description right down to having a bit of French. It sounds so exciting. I wish you well with the project, and I hope you make mega bucks out of it


  2. Mike Glanfield

    I would have a had a crack at that if only I wasn’t so damned busy myself up till Christmas. I hope you get someone with gorgeous tits instead (maybe that’s not what you need right now).


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