The Rain in Spain.

DSCF0204October 4th, Rellue, Spain – After an epic, almost none stop, 600 mile drive from my parents in France on Sunday we arrived in southern Spain. Friends from the Isle of Man have a villa rented for two weeks in the small mountain village of Rellue, just north of Benidorm. I’ve done the drive south across Spain from San Sebastian to Valencia a few times now and the landscape seems to get more vast every time I do it.

The first minor issue with the camper van revealed itself during the early part of the long haul south – the windscreen wiper blade on the driver’s side is slightly too long, so every time it gets to the top of the sweep it hits the window frame with a tap. This tap, at first, was mildly irritating, but within half an hour it was an almost unbearable torture worse than having electrodes attached to your testicles… I’d imagine.

The Pentax 67 has gone to Liverpool to be fixed and serviced. After reviewing all the images I’d taken using it it became apparent that the shutter problem had in fact affected every image, it was just more obvious in some. This was extremely disappointing because I absolutely love the images from this camera/lens/film combination.
DSCF0241 PK210915003888-03DSCF0220


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