Oh… Canada

PK130715EX002637-30As is fairly normal in my life, plans have changed – this September I was supposed to be going to France to shoot a project on the Atlantic coast, documenting migrant surfers for three months… however, I’ve changed my mind, I’m now going to Canada to finish a long-term project I’ve been working on for about four years now. This decision mainly comes down to money – last time I was in Canada I got $1.2 for my Β£1 Sterling, today it’s up to over $2 for Β£1… which is always nice, although it’s a good reason why we won’t be seeing too many Canadian tourists in the UK this summer. My revised plan, in a nutshell, is to fly from the Isle of Man, via Manchester to Yellowknife, and then work my way back across the vast openness to Toronto. If Uncle Sam lets me in, I’d like to see some of the United States too.

When it comes to planning, I like to follow the ethos of the great explorer and mountaineer, H W Tilman, and adhere to his quote as often as possible –

“Any worthwhile expedition can be planned on the back of an envelope”

During my three months away I’ll only be shooting on film, using a Fuji 6x9cm rangefinder and possibly, though I’m not sure yet, either a compact 6×4.5cm rangefinder or a 35mm compact. The only digital medium I’ll be using is my antique iPhone 4, which holds a battery charge for about two hours.Β img762 img135 (1) - Version 5 (1)


  1. Hey Phil, I’ve been following your work for a while now, I really like your photographs, and your approach to social media. Would love to buy you a pint if you make it to Toronto. Safe travels.

    -Joel Clifton

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      1. Easily done, but there are some other locally brewed stouts that you might also want to try. The Backhand of God springs to mind.


  2. If Uncle Sam gives you trouble, I would gladly sneak you in esconsed in the trunk (that would be the boot, in case you are stymied) of my car, happily nursing any number of pints from a small cooler. Unless, of course, you prefer your beer tepid. πŸ™‚

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  3. Crikey! I wish I could offer you a pint but I am sure that Yorkshire is too far out of your way Phil. But I guess you will have had enough on your trip. I hope all goes well and I look forward to seeing the resulting stories and images . Bonne Route..


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