PK130715EX002636-21It’s a sad day – my favourite camera, the Olympus MjuII died last week. I should have seen it coming really, all the signs were there – overlapping frames, light leaks, strange noises… but I just ignored it, pretended everything was okay. Photographers should never outlive their cameras, should they? Why is technology so fragile?

So, in between bouts of sobbing, I choke back the tears and go onto eBay to find a replacement… this shouldn’t be too traumatic, or so I think. I do a search – ‘Olympus MjuII’ and ‘Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic’ (as it was branded in other countries)… from the start it’s obvious that I’m not the only person who likes these little 35mm film compacts. Now then, bearing in mind I picked up my Mju in a charity shop for £2, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise to see people asking up to £200 for a mint model. TWO. HUNDRED. POUNDS??!! Shitting-Hell, they didn’t cost that new!

These are the last images I took using my beloved MjuII. I’m going to have to get another, but maybe I’ll sell a kidney first.

PK130715EX002638-4 PK130715EX002636-25 PK130715EX002636-12 PK130715EX002636-19 PK130715EX002638-16 PK130715EX002638-21PK130715EX002636-32 PK130715EX002638-5 PK130715EX002637-34 PK130715EX002638-9 photo-2


  1. Sorry to hear that though some of the light leaks in the last images are really nice. Just checked the German Ebay site – there are a few up there sold for a fixed price of 22, 35, 42 Euro which is a bit more than you paid for the old one but also a lot less than what some sellers asked for. Good luck with finding a new one.

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  2. I love your photos – but I have to say I love your comment – shitting hell – I’m going to start using it instead of the the “f” word. I’ve been looking for a replacement. thanks 🙂 and always enjoy your pics – good luck with the replacement camera 🙂

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